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Increased timber vending on the rise after lifting of logging ban

The lifting of logging ban by President William Ruto recently has increased timber business in Narok County and many jobless people have secured employment opportunities in the industry.

The logging resumption has opened doors for the sale of timber, poles, and the production of various wooden furniture items.

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Those who plant trees for commercial use have gotten the opportunity to harvest their maturing trees and trade them in the markets, making them earn a substantial income and afford a living.

While lifting the six-year-long logging ban, the President stated that the government has put up plans to ensure that only mature trees are harvested as more trees are planted.

He stated that the lifting of the moratorium, which has been in effect since 2018, will create jobs for both youths and businesses and is in line with the government’s plan to plant 15 billion trees in ten years.

In Narok County small-scale loggers, timber merchants, furniture makers, and electric pole manufacturers have reported increased business activities resulting to economic growth of the entire county.

Jacob Muli, a timber merchant in Narok Town, said the resumption of logging has increased the supply of timber in the market, and added that people have gotten the freedom to harvest the matured trees in their firms.

“The newfound economic activity is expected to boost the overall economic development, as revenues generated from the timber industry can be reinvested in infrastructure, education, and healthcare services,” Muli added.

Muli reminded those planting trees for commercial use, to put into account that the government aim to achieve 32 percent tree cover by 2032.

On his part, Samuel Kariuki a furniture maker in the Total area, Narok said the logging moratorium has helped them to get raw materials for their products at an affordable price.

“In Narok, furniture makers have really increased and mostly the youths are the ones acquiring those job opportunities. We are also able to sell our furniture at more affordable prices,” Kariuki said.

Kariuki said the president was categorical while lifting the ban and those who engage in illegal logging should face the law.

“Planting trees for commercial use is a way of generating income and those who do such businesses should be also given the freedom to do so,” Kariuki added.


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