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Issa Amwari sets sight on 2024 WRC Safari Rally


With anticipation mounting for the WRC Safari Rally 2024, rally driver Issa Amwari is working to secure Dennis Mwenda as his navigator for the second consecutive year.

After the retirement of his longtime partner, Job Njiru, in 2022, Amwari has been on the hunt for a navigator who can match his pace and experience.

Reflecting on the importance of a seasoned navigator, Amwari underscores Mwendwa’s expertise and expresses his desire to continue their successful partnership.

“I have to get an experienced navigator who can keep up with my pace. I cannot go and pick someone who started rallying one or two years ago; I need someone with much experience,” says Amwari.

Amwari, aiming for a podium finish in his category, is determined to overcome the challenges that prevented him from reaching his full potential in the previous edition.

Despite finishing fourth last year due to a puncture in the Sleeping Warrior stage, Amwari remains optimistic about his chances this year.

“We want to finish and finish well and finish in a good position. Last year, we came in fourth. This time, we want a podium one, two, or three, but mostly, we want one. We know we are capable. We have the skill and a car that can achieve that.” Amwari declares.

Amwari is particularly excited about the rally’s return to Easter, a tradition that holds sentimental value. He eagerly awaits the opportunity for his children to witness him in action, just as he watched his father compete when he was young.

“Easter gives everyone a chance to experience motorsports. Schools will be closed. Children will be able to come. My children can also come and watch daddy drive, so it’s a nice thing.” Amwari shares.

The unpredictability of the weather adds an extra layer of excitement for drivers like Amwari, who thrive on the challenges posed by changing conditions.

“The weather changes; you cannot predict what will come into the next stage, making the event more interesting for the drivers,” Amwari explains.

As preparations for the WRC Safari Rally 2024 intensify, Issa Amwari remains focused on securing his navigator and fine-tuning his skills. His first test will be the Kenya National Rally Championship opener, the Eldoret Rally, on the 17th-18th of this month.