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Jenga Hustle Mashinani, Jenga Kenya initiative wraps up weeklong exhibition


The Social Services Sub-sector wrapped up a week-long exhibition along the Aga Khan Walk in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

The aim of the event was to give equal opportunities to all in an event dubbed “JENGA HUSTLE MASHINANI, JENGA KENYA”

The event brought together exhibitors from around the city to showcase their products, which are produced locally by various self-help groups.

George Mutiso, Chief Officer of Social Services said Nairobi City County Government continues to provide youth, women, and all Nairobi residents opportunities to earn honest and sustainable livelihoods.

“The section focuses on the socioeconomic empowerment of the community by working with self-help groups across Nairobi County. As a county government, our mandate is to ensure we provide a level playing field to Nairobians and empower small traders and manufacturers at the grass root level, which is in line with Governor Johnson Sakaja’s manifesto of providing Hope and opportunities for all.

Mutiso says Nairobi and the country’s youth in general have a huge potential and the county government is keen to expand their opportunities for them to realize their dreams.

“We want to ensure our youth stay away from drugs and crime. Under Governor Sakaja’s leadership, we want to ensure we put in place structures that empower Nairobi youth. Remember Nairobi is the business hub for Africa. We want our manufacturers in the informal sector to have a platform to export their products to the East African Community and the world as a whole. You never know until you try,” he said

The section plans to do more such events to expose the talents, products, and initiatives of youth and women in Nairobi. We plan to hold such events every month going forward.