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Filmed at the Thimlich Ohinga archaeological site in Migori, “Where The River Divides” is set to debut at Anga Cinema, Diamond Plaza at 2 PM on Tuesday, August 15.

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The story follows the journey of the son of a respected clan leader who upon his return to his village, following his baptism, finds himself at a crossroads – torn between two divergent paths.  On one hand, he stands to inherit his father’s esteemed legacy – a role laden with expectations, traditions and responsibilities.  On the other, he is faced with the allure of a newfound purpose – Christianity. 

Despite the conflict the protagonist in the film must face, the film’s overarching message is one of unity and shared human experiences, transcending linguistic, and religious boundaries.

Speaking of the film’s overarching theme, the film’s director,  Mr. M.D. Neely said, “For me, ‘Where the River Divides’ is ultimately about sacrifice. What am I willing to sacrifice to follow the call that God has placed on my life?  Dennis’ story has challenged and inspired me.  Also, I am so humbled and proud to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate group of artists to tell this story.”

Originally filmed in Dholuo, “Where The River Divides” has been dubbed into both Kiswahili and English, to ensure that its narrative is appreciated by a diverse global audience. 

“”Where The River Divides” is more than a film; it’s an emotional journey that urges us to contemplate the choices that define our existence.  It’s a testament to the power of compassion and understanding, even in the face of monumental challenges,” one of the film’s producers, Ms. Matrid Nyagah, said.

As is the case with most films these days, “Where The River Divides” will also simultaneously premiere online, and be available to stream in 195 countries & territories globally, exclusively via Digital Cinema Extension – MyMovies.Africa™, from 4.00 pm on Tuesday 15th August 2023.

“This is such a beautiful film, from Kenya’s history. And we are very proud to be distributing it globally, as well as making it available on our own Video On Demand service – MyMovies.Africa™,” said co-founder, content director & chief executive officer of Yakwetu (parent company of MyMoviesAfrica) – Ms Trushna Buddhdev-Patel.

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