“…Your first film chooses you.” – Alia

Popular Hindi star Alia Bhatt finally makes her debut in Hollywood alongside Gal Gadot in Netflix’s new movie “Heart of Stone.”

Alia, who has starred in a number of chart-topping movies including “Gangubai Kathiawadi”, said that this was her first English-language film.

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In an interview with AP Entertainment, Alia said, “Your first film chooses you… Technically, this is my first English-language movie. It chose me and I’m so happy it did.”

“Heart of Stone” which also stars Jamie Dornan is a globe-trotting spy thriller that premiered on Netflix globally on August 12. In it, Bhatt plays the role of a tech prodigy named Keya. Contrary to her other roles in which she plays the lead, she was happy to play a supporting role for the film— as long as it had substance to it.

“The way I judge it is if you take the character out of the story and you still have a film, then that character’s not important,” Bhatt said.

Her role in the film is only one feather in her successful cap; she welcomed her first child this year (she was pregnant during the filming of the movie), attended her first Met Gala and was named the first Indian house ambassador for the luxury label Gucci. She also had a small part in the Telugu-language action epic “RRR,” which became an international sensation.

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“Heart of Stone” is currently streaming on Netflix Kenya.

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