Congolese Maestro Koffie Olomide will make his way back to Kenya in December to headline the Peace Concert to be held at the Kasarani Indoor Arena on Friday 8 and Saturday 9.

Speaking in a recent interview, Le Grand Mopao Mokonzi as he is fondly referred to, said that he would be in the country four to five days before the show and that he had missed the country.

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“I am coming to Kenya on December 9, so I expect to be in the country for three or four days before the show. I am so excited. I’ve missed being there to face my fans of Kenya. I have so many friends in this country,” he said.

This will be the first time the music legend has been in the country since the incident in 2016 which saw him deported from the country. 

He said he had made amends and that everything was okay with the Kenyan authorities.

“Good morning. I’m very fine. I want to greet the authority of Kenya. I want to say good morning to my family in Kenya, Kenya is my family, my heart. I  have friends in Kenya, I have sisters.”

Olomide will perform a VIP show on Friday and a general show on Saturday.

Tickets are currently on sale. 

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