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Ksh. 338B set aside for security sector in 2023/2024 Budget Statement

The country’s security sector has been allocated Ksh. 338 billion in the 2033/2014 Budget Statement presented by National Treasury CS Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u in Parliament Thursday afternoon.

Prof. Ndung’u says the allocation was informed by the critical role the sector plays in creating a safe environment for the country.

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Of the amount, Ksh. 144.9 billion has been earmarked for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), Ksh. 98.6 billion for the National Police Service (NPS), Ksh. 44.3 billion for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and Ksh. 31.3 billion for prisons services.

Ksh. 8.8 billion has been earmarked for the leasing of police motor vehicles while Ksh. 500 million will be used for the police modernization programme even as the government seeks to better equip NPS.

“I would later be requesting this August House for enhanced funding approval once the ongoing discussions on a Comprehensive Modernization Programme is concluded,” Prof. Ndung’u said during the presentation of the Budget Statement.

And in order to step up the war on crime and enhance support to administration of justice the CS said Ksh. 856 million have been set aside to equip the national forensic laboratory.

He said the budget had also taken into consideration the welfare of the disciplined forces which he said is at the centre of the Kenya Kwanza administration with delivery of staff houses set to be expedited through public-private partnership framework.

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