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KWS issued 3-day ultimatum to drive back marauding elephants into Tsavo

Residents in the Mutha location in Kitui County have issued the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) a three-day ultimatum to drive over 70 elephants back into the Tsavo Game Reserve.

“We are giving the KWS three days to remove the elephants but if they do not act, then after the three days we will take matters into our own hands,” said irate residents.

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The ultimatum was issued after the marauding elephants caused mass destruction of crops after invading farms in the area.

The stray elephants are believed to have crossed over from the bordering Tsavo Game Reserve.

Speaking to KNA at their farms in Mutha on Sunday, the locals decried mass losses they incurred after the destruction of their maturing crops and other properties.

The residents said they are living in fear of more crop destruction and even death from attacks by the wild animals.

They asked the KWS to drive away the elephants immediately and compensate them for the losses caused by the elephants.

“We are tired of living in fear. The elephants are destroying our crops and property, the KWS should take action immediately,” Martin Muthui, a local farmer who incurred massive losses said.

The invasion by the elephants has also had a devastating impact on education, as children in local schools in the area have been forced to temporarily halt attending due to wildlife insecurity.

The Mutha location residents have expressed concern over the safety of their children since the elephants pose a danger to their lives.

“We cannot keep our children in schools when there are elephants roaming around, we are afraid of their safety,” said Jane Syokau, a resident and a mother.

The officer in charge of KWS at the game reserve warden Jimale Rashid confirmed the presence and invasion of farms by the stray elephants and said that KWS officers are working round the clock to drive the elephants back into the game reserve.

“We are aware of the invasion of elephants in the Mutha area,” said Rashid. “We have dispatched a team of rangers to the area to drive the elephants back to Tsavo Game Reserve. We will also be working with the locals to ensure that the elephants do not return to the area,” he added.

Rashid urged the locals to remain calm and cooperate with the KWS offices. He said that the KWS is committed to protecting the lives and property of the locals.

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