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Mercury FC wins Nyangati MCA Football Tournament as Waiguru issues sports kits

Mercury Football Club (FC) are the winner of Nyangati Ward Football Super league after defeating Mutungara FC 3-1.

In the women’s category, Kimbimbi Queens FC dominated the match, winning 5-0 over Kithiriti Queens FC.

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The tournament played at Kiorugari Primary School grounds ws organized by Nyangati Ward’s Member of County Assembly (MCA) Kennedy Mwendia as part of preparation for the Governor Waiguru Minji Minji Football Cup slated for later this year.

The tournament was supported by Governor Anne Waiguru who gave out 12 sets of uniforms, 41 footballs, 30 pairs of socks and 90 pairs of football boots the participating teams.

Waiguru has reiterated the County Government’s commitment to youth empowerment through sports, so as to help them realize their full potential.

The participating teams were Kimbimbi Queens, Kithiriti Queens, Mutugara FC, Nyangati FC, Kutus Youngsters FC, Kiorugari FC, Kithiriti FC, St. Pauls FC, Kimbimbi FC, and Springs Star FC.

The tournament, aimed at nurturing youth talents and providing avenues for livelihood through sports, witnessed intense matches with over 250 players from 10 teams, including 2 women’s teams, engaging in spirited competition amidst a vibrant crowd of spectators.

In the men’s category, Nyangati FC faced off against Kutus FC for the third and fourth positions, with Kutus FC emerging victorious on penalties.

Ian Kariuki, captain of Kiorugari FC, expressed gratitude for the tournament, emphasizing its role in keeping youth engaged and away from negative influences.

“This tournament has kept many youth busy in the field, leaving no room for engaging in illegal activities,” said Kariuki.

Similarly, Gladys Wakuthii, captain of Kimbimbi Queens FC, said inclusion of women in the football tournament had given young girls impetus to pursue a career in football.

“We are thankful to Governor Waiguru and our MCA for this initiative and including women to showcase their talents alongside their male counterparts,” Wakuthii said.

Deputy Governor David Githanda, who representd Governor Waiguru, commended the success of the tournament and its alignment with the government’s youth empowerment program.

“This tournament was very successful and has brought together the youth from all over to compete for the top prize. This tournament aligns well with our youth empowerment program,” he said.

In his closing remarks, MCA Mwendia expressed his satisfaction with the tournament’s positive impact on the youth.

For the last eight Sundays, the youth in my ward have been preoccupied by the tournament and hence kept them way from engaging in illegal activities such as illicit drugs. I would like to congratulate Kiorugari FC for emerging victorious and getting the top prize,” he said.

This year, Governor Waiguru has given out hundreds of sporting kits to teams from different wards.

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