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Mudavadi calls for renewed commitment to democracy, equality and justice


Prime Cabinet Secretary and Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi has called for renewed commitment to democracy, equality and justice as Kenya celebrates the 60th Jamhuri Day.

Mudavadi said hoisting of Kenya’s flag symbolizes collective determination to build a Kenya where every citizen has an opportunity to prosper, regardless of background or circumstance, whether residing in Kenya or the diaspora, like the UK.

“We encourage Kenyans to invest in these spaces as much as they invest back home. As we celebrate Jamhuri Day, we renew our commitment to the core principles that define us – democracy, equality, and justice as a Commonwealth Member state,” he said.

The PCS was speaking in London in the presence of High Commissioners accredited to the Court of St. James’ and Heads of International Organizations among others.

He also urged Kenyans living abroad to embrace richness of diversity and inclusive development for a better country.

Mudavadi said both countries should embrace diversity that enriches the nation in this global village, fostering a sense of belonging for every Kenyan.

“Looking towards the future, may our journey be marked by sustained prosperity, inclusive development, and a legacy of unity that inspires generations to come,” said Mudavadi.

He said in the Kenya’s history, each thread narrates a story of resilience, diversity and progress and unity, forged by the shared aspirations of freedom fighters and the dreams of the people, remains the cornerstone of strength.

“On this day, we come together to commemorate the enduring spirit of our beloved nation. Today, we stand united in pride, reflecting on the progress we have achieved, the obstacles we have overcome, and the promise of a brighter future,” said the PCS.

Mudavadi also acknowledge the positive outcomes of the official visit undertaken by Their Majesties, the King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Their visit, at the invitation of President William Ruto covered Nairobi City, Mombasa and neighbouring regions.

He stated that the visit showcased collaborative efforts between Kenya and the United Kingdom, particularly in enhancing shared prosperity, addressing climate change, fostering youth opportunities and employment, promoting sustainable development, and contributing to a more stable and secure region.

Mudavadi also congratulated his new counterpart, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, Lord David William Donald Cameron, as well as his immediate predecessor and current Home Secretary, James Spencer Cleverly.

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