Afro-Pop singer-songwriter and producer, Ndegz has made a comeback with a new track “Creep” in collaboration with Kenyan Hip-Hop legend Abbas Kubaff.

This Dancehall-infused track delves into the moral conflict of pursuing a love interest while already being committed to someone else. Ndegz enlists Abbas – lyrical genius and wordplay maestro who brings poetic excellence while offering a unique angle to the single’s story.

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The track relays a journey of thirst, deceit and weakness perfectly laced with his multi-layered vocal harmonies on a backdrop to this confessional banger.

Ndegz says of the single, “After six years without a release, it’s humbling to see fans still loving and connecting with my music over the years. I want to thank you all for riding with me.”

Ndegz says on the inspiration, “This is a song about the moral dilemma of infidelity. It’s a sensitive issue within society, but it happens to be a reality that many people can relate to,” adding, “I started off with a bass line and an udu drum loop, and found myself on a loop singing Creep. I dived into the vision and from there wrote the whole song.”

Speaking about the collaboration with Abbas Kubaff who is one of Kenya’s Hip hop pioneers, Ndegz expressed his admiration for his counterpart.

“I met the legend Abbas Kubaff by chance at an event and told him I’ve been a fan since his career days as a member of rap group K-South. I told him I would love to work with him someday and in the spur of the moment, we went straight to the studio and that’s what became of Creep,” Ndegz said.

Excited for the future, Ndegz says to expect more from him.

“I am now more excited with my return! I am on a roll and set to release more songs and excited to soon connect with my fanbase through live performances. I am scheduling a series of gigs for an authentic Ndegz experience.”

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