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Nissan to invest £2bn in UK electric car plant

Nissan and its partners have announced a £2bn plan to build three electric car models at its Sunderland factory.

The Japanese firm will build electric Qashqai and Juke models at the plant alongside the next generation of the electric Leaf, which is already produced there. The scheme could help preserve the jobs of about 6,000 workers directly, and thousands more across the UK.

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Nissan said that alongside this, a major new battery plant known as a “gigafactory” will also be needed.

This is in addition to the current factory adjacent to the car plant, and a further gigafactory already being built by its partner, AESC.

Nissan will spend £1.12bn on preparing its UK facilities and supply chain for the new models and training its workforce.

Alongside the gigafactory the total new investment will be up to £2bn, according to the company. The plan is expected to receive government support, though it is not clear what form that will take. Nissan has confirmed it will receive £15m in funding for its research centre in Bedfordshire

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