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Over 200 graduate from Ajira AWS re/Start program

eMobilis, a key partner in the Ajira Digital Program, proudly graduated 215 participants from the Ajira AWS re/start Program.

This cohort, one of the largest in Africa, earned their AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards fulfilling careers in cloud computing.

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This flagship initiative by AWS empowers unemployed and underemployed individuals to embrace the dynamic tech landscape.

Through a rigorous curriculum and immersive hands-on experiences, participants embark on a transformative journey into the world of AWS Cloud technologies.

They equip themselves with the skills and knowledge sought after in high-demand cloud roles, opening doors to fulfilling careers in a constantly evolving field.

This pioneer program was launched in Kenya on 10th May 2021 by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy strategically supported by the Mastercard Foundation with the objective of providing classroom-based skills development and AWS cloud hands-on training which prepares learners for cloud computing career and have them certified as AWS Cloud Practitioners after 12 weeks.

During the program’s inception, the goal was to train and certify 100 learners in 2021 and after a successful pilot with the first cohort, to date the program has successfully trained over 700 learners, 65pc of whom are meaningfully employed and earning.

The program also focuses on diversifying the learner audience such as young women, marginalized communities, refugee and people with disabilities.

The graduation marks the culmination of an intensive training period where participants have displayed exceptional dedication, perseverance, and a passion for learning.

These individuals come from varied backgrounds across the country, bringing unique perspectives to the table, and enriching the program’s collaborative environment.

“Congratulations to the learners and the training team, I would like to wish AWS re/Start Alumni, best of luck in your future endeavors as you get connected to the global opportunities. Remember the tech industry needs you more than you want to start your tech career! Your hard work and perseverance should be applauded, and you should be very proud of yourself for reaching this monumental accomplishment.”

Claire Spiller, Regional Program Lead, AWS re/Start EMEA region at Amazon Web Services during the cohort 8 virtual graduation ceremony.

“We look forward to seeing your future steps in Tech and Cloud computing. Also remember to sign up for AWS Educate, AWS Academy and AWS Spark as you continue to advance your career in tech.”

Speaking during the graduation, Ken Mwenda, eMobilis Co-founder and MD said, “It is very exciting to be here particularly on this occasion of Cohort 8 graduation for the AWS re/Start program in Kenya. We are delighted that 215 young people, 131 young men, 80 females and 4 persons with disability made it to the end. We make intentional efforts to be inclusive as a program and to accommodate the needs of our learners. Briefly, we received 1,000 applicants through the Ajira Digital portal, selected 982 and only 600 applicants took the assessment. We further shortlisted 371 and after the interviews we selected 235 and only 215 completed. This translates to a 93.5 completion rate.”

He added, “Over the past two years, we have graduated over 700 learners to date. I mean those who have successfully completed the program. We also recognize that this is a very intense program and we want to have a high success rate not just in terms of training but providing you with the relevant skills so that you can succeed in the world of work and in the future of work with Cloud Practitioner skills.”

Jared Nyaanga, one of the graduates tried to apply for the AWS restart program for cohort 7 but failed the assessment. He didn’t give up but tried cohort 8 and passed the test.

During his valedictorian speech he said, “my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration for the exceptional individuals who have made this journey to be an enriching and rewarding experience.” He also added, “as we come to the end of this course, our journey has just started and we are going to explore more certification and knowledge in the cloud computing field.”

Applauding her fellow re/Start graduates, Charity Ngari expressed her gratitude to AWS, Ajira Digital program and eMobilis for providing them with wonderful learning experiences “Throughout this journey it has not been easy and the program has not only equipped us with the practical skills but also instilled us with profound understanding of different tech projects. Our trainers have been our mentors, helping us to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. Although the road has been tough, we have persevered with dedication and resilience. I call upon my fellow re/Start graduates, let us keep winning and striving for excellence.”

This virtual graduation ceremony showcased the accomplishments of the graduates and featured inspiring stories of personal and professional growth.

Participants demonstrated their acquired skills through innovative projects and presentations, illustrating their readiness to contribute meaningfully to the tech workforce.

Ajira AWS re/Start program remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting tech talent across the country, providing opportunities for skills development, career advancement, and a more diverse tech community.

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