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Parliament police officer arrested for extortion


Police officer stationed at parliament police station has been charged with extortion, Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission reports.

Corporal John Mwai Mbili, a police officer at the Parliament Police Station, is facing corruption charges after allegedly attempting to extort Ksh. 40,000 from a suspect with an outstanding matter at the station.

The incident has sparked significant concern over corruption within the police force and highlights ongoing efforts to combat such practices.

The complainant, who had been previously arrested, was directed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to be released and have the matter settled out of court.

Despite this directive, Mbili reportedly demanded a bribe of Ksh. 40,000 from the complainant, suggesting the payment was necessary to “facilitate a smooth closure” of the case.

He further threatened to charge the complainant with new offences if the payment was not made.

In response to the complainant’s report, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) conducted an inquiry and subsequently arrested Mbili.

He was processed at Integrity Centre Police Station and later booked at Kilimani Police Station.

The officer has been released on bail as investigations continue, underscoring the ongoing vigilance and action against corruption within the police force.

Ian Okal
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