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Pastor Dorcas recognized during Heroes and Heroines Awards 2024

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi hands the certificate and award of service to Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura, who is together with the wife, during the Heroes and Heroines Awards 2024 on 12th April 2024. Photo/OSDP

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi was among 26 leaders in the church and community who were recognized during the Heroes and Heroines Awards 2024 held in Eldoret Town on Friday.

Pastor Dorcas upon receiving the ‘Transformative Leadership Award’ told of her years’ commitment advocating for the vulnerable and initiating initiatives to change their lives.

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“I decided that I would make God bankrupt by reaching out to the vulnerable. I know we cannot make Him bankrupt, but He tells us, that He will owe debt to anyone who helps the widow, orphans and the vulnerable, and I decided to be one of them,” said Pastor Dorcas in her acceptance speech.

She also acknowledged the 22 years of support of the Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua over her work since she became an ordained minister.

“I am struggling to imagine what would have happened in our nation if Hon. Mututho would not played his part in fighting alcoholism. Let us change our language and give our children in the streets and those lost in alcoholism better names,” she added.

Former MP John Mututho was also recognized for his efforts in fighting alcoholism in the nation, leaving behind a legacy of ‘Mututho laws’ and ‘Masaa ya Mututho’, which most Kenyans identify with as fighting excessive drinking hours.

“75 times in the Holy Bible, and 17 times in the Holy Quran, we are told not to take something alcoholic. 92 times in the two Holy Books, we are told to observe the Mututho hours,” said Mr Mututho.

She pledged her support for the Boy Child Program against alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse. “Pastor Dorcas is slaying a seven-horned dragon, pray for her. I support her work. And I am also establishing a 1,000 bed capacity rehabilitation centre,” he added.

Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura was also present, and honoured for his tireless efforts in fighting for the rights of those with disability, especially those with albinism.

Spokesman Mwaura acknowledged the tireless efforts of Bishop Dr. Stanley Michuki in organizing the first of such awards in the country, honouring men and women of faith.

“You have shown great tenacity and brilliance just like your brother the late John Michuki. I faced rejection from my father from birth, when he said ‘in our family we do not have children who look like a pig’. But I had grandparents who spoke into my life because I was very talkative, and believed I would become a leader,” said Spokesman Mwaura.

He retold of his past experiences fighting for those with albinism, and their education, unawares that he would rise to become the face of government communication.

Others honoured were Archbishop Arthur Kitonga of Redeemed Gospel Church who has preached for 64 years across Kenya and in more than 100 countries of the world. He received the ‘Long Serving and Faithful Ministry Award’.

Bishop Margaret Wangari (famously known as Wangari wa  – Banana) was also recognized and awarded the ‘long serving and faithful ministry award’. She has also ministered in Kenya and other countries, and is among the most sought after preachers with Kenyans flocking her church in Banana, Kiambu County.

Others who were honoured were Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi, Bishop Dr. Washington Ngede, Bishop Dr. William Tuimising, Bishop Dr. Wilson Mamboleo, Hon. Dr. Silas Yego, Bishop Dr. Patrick Mungai, Rev Dr. Macmillan Kiiru, Dr. Grace Manjao, Bishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara, and Bishop Dr. Armstrong Chege.

Bishop Dr. Isaac Wawire, Prof. Dr. Nathan Kahara, Bishop Dr. Mophat Kilioba, Bishop Dr. Eli Rop, Bishop Dr. Stanley Michuki (Chair of the Awards), Prof Charles Mully, Apostle Kimani William, Bishop Dr. Zablon Malema, Rev. Dr. Mary Njaramba, Rev. Dr. Judy Mbugua, and Bishop Dr. Jackson Kosgei.

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