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Pastor Dorcas takes the Boy Child Program to Kiandutu Slums

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi interacts with beneficiaries who attended the Juja and Kiandutu meetings.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi on Friday spent time at the grassroots of Kiambu County where the boy child program has taken off starting with Kiandutu Slums in Thika Constituency, where she grew up, and the neighbouring Juja Constituency.

In the two events, she interacted and received three different paintings and cartoons of her portrait from reformed men, depicting the skills of thousands of young men in the streets, bars and drug dens.

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“As a mother, I am very hopeful. To see you here, clean, silent, and transformed. A transformed person is able to be disciplined to know the time to wake up, eat and work,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She interacted freely with the reformed that included chang’aa brewers and drug peddlers, hugging them, and encouraging them to lead a ‘clean life’.

She visited exhibition stands of reformed youth and exprisoners who make khaki paper products, recycled paper bulb holders, recycled paper dustbins, bar soaps, herbal soaps, and paints.

In her speech, she made a rallying call to the women in the country, to support her initiative,.

“How will a generation regenerate itself when the seed carrier (man) is in the gutter?” she posed.

She also spoke against stigmatizing the boys and men saying that some of the men addicted to substances only need love, and they will reform.

“They will not even need medicine or clinical rehabilitation,” she noted.

A graduate of Makerere University, Mr Joseph Kamau (Sinai), who used to sell drugs is now reformed, and Rodina Okelo (Mama Kadogo) used to brew and sell changaa to the residents but is now reformed and instead sells foodstuffs.

Most of the initiatives are geared towards reskilling, retooling and employment for the rehabilitated youth under the office of the spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) include repositioning them through polytechnics and TVETs, tree planting, online jobs, partnerships and collaborations with businesses, companies and organisations.

Pastor Dorcas noted the need for job opportunities for the reformed so they do not relapse to their former habits and frustrations.

She visited the Juja Farm Youth Polytechnic that offers opportunities for training in food technology, ICT, electrical and mechanical, dress making and fashion design, hair and beauty technology, and plumbing. It was established in 1905 by Lord McMillan.

Principal Margaret Mukio led Pastor Dorcas on the tour of the polytechnic, exploring the opportunities for the available skilling opportunities for the reformed youth.

Pastor Dorcas who grew up in the slums of Kiandutu Slums encouraged the hundreds of men who attended the program to become ambassadors of ‘say no to drugs’, and pursue a life free of alcohol and drugs.

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