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PWDs want representation on all State agencies


People Living with Disabilities (PWDs) across the country have urged the Government to ensure representation on all boards and State agencies.

In a statement, the Association representing 2 pc of the population, expressed frustration over widespread exclusion and prejudice, and urged the Government to intervene for equal participation in society.

“Members from all 47 counties, represented by National Chairman Patrick Wanyoike, voiced their concerns at a Pre-Assembly with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) at Jumuia Conference Hall in Limuru,” the statement said.

They highlighted presenting an MOU to the Senate to support a bill under Article 24, aiming to acknowledge their rights.

In addition, they noted that vulnerable children from the said category were suffering silently as there were no enough caregivers and people assigned to look after their issues were being shunned every day.

Therefore, they criticized the inadequate representation in public participation processes, leading to their concerns being overlooked.

In conclusion, they urged the Committee on Finance to review their memoranda and address the listed issues.

Timothy Kanyi
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