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Raila launches website for signature collection

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Azimo La Umoja has launched a public portal in its attempt to hit the 15 Million signature mark to force the government to review the Finance Act 2023.

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga says the coalition is keen on forcing the executive to abide by the rule of law through the signature drive.

So far 1.2 million have been collected even as the opposition rallied Kenyans for demonstrations planned for Wednesday.

During the launch of the website www.tumechoka.com, Raila said it’s only through unity of purpose that the government can start listening to Kenyans’ grievances.

“The digital platform we have unveiled today, is complementary to all other efforts and platforms including civil disobedience, tax boycotts and defiance that are meant to compel the regime to repeal the Finance Act 2023 and take deliberate steps to lower the cost of living” said Raila who later visited the famous Kenyatta market in Nairobi.

“These actions are also meant to compel the regime to address all the weighty issues that we have been pushing for, including a bipartisan reconstitution of the IEBC, audit of the 2022 elections and an end to the invasion and compromising of parties and MPs” he added.

The opposition launched the signature collection campaign on Friday last week. Addressing a Saba Saba rally at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi, Odinga said the coalition targets 10 million signatures by Friday, July 14.

The decision was necessitated by the government’s failure to address the opposition’s grievances including punitive taxes, high cost of living, electoral fraud, and biased recruitment of electoral commissioners.

Meanwhile, civil society organizations are accusing police of using excessive force in dealing with demonstrators during last week’s protests.

The organizations are calling on the Inspector General of Police and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to ensure culpable officers are held to account.


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