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RobiSearch urge SMEs to leverage smart solutions for efficiency


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and organizations can now keep track of their businesses in terms of stock and finances in order to minimize losses.

This is through a number of solutions developed by Kenyan information and technology firm, Robisearch Limited which will help these businesses improve on accountability and efficiency.

RobiSearch Founder Robert Manyala said the firm has developed a Point-of-Sale System which enables entrepreneurs know how much their business is making and how much they are spending on a daily basis and if profits are being made.

“Many businesses don’t know how much they are making and sometimes don’t know how to make decisions based on the data or analysis. Somebody who runs multiple businesses for instance could have a tough time in tracking their profits and business performance at a go,” said Manyala.

RobiSearch has also developed biometric system for schools, companies and property owners to conduct their affairs in a more accountable manner.

Property management system for landlords and property owners for instance helps manage properties from one central place by keeping tabs of the number of vacant houses and the status of rent payment. Furthermore, tenants can use the portal to raise pertinent issues.

On the other hand, the school management system accounts for students’ arrival and departure through a check-in system.

According to Manyala the firm has also developed a software application that enables organizations to efficiently manage their client’s feedback concerning what they like and what they want improved on the platform where it will generate valuable and actionable insights that organizations can use to enhance customer experience.

“Customers feedback is critical for any organization as this is what enables them understand the needs and demands of their customers and respond accordingly,” he added.

He notes a number of challenges faced in promoting these solutions including competition from cheap but sub-standard products and the fast rate at which technology keeps evolving.