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Second Lady Dorcas Gachagua warns drug barons, dealers


The Spouse of Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has warned drug barons, dealers and those selling killer brews in the country that their days are numbered.

Speaking at SOT Technical Institute in Bomet Pastor Dorcas said those killing the children by selling them drugs and killer brews must stop.

“Those who sell poisons to you are trying to make money. How I pray that you make them poor. And we are serving them notice. Any person who sells those poisons are murderers”, she told students of SOT Technical Institute.

“They can do better businesses. We cannot sit and watch people sell poisons to our children, kill other people’s children, and we watch as a generation perish. “She said.

Pastor Dorcas has been on a tour of Bomet county where she opened the Bomet Treatments and Rehabilitation Centre at Koiwa Hospital and received the first cohort of 100 addicts who have volunteered to be rehabilitated.


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