“I’m on the spectrum and I’m in recovery.” – Sia

Australian singer Sia has revealed that she has autism in a recent podcast.

Speaking on the  “Rob Has a Podcast,” which featured Carolyn Wiger, a former contestant on the reality competition “Survivor”, the singer and songwriter opened up about living with autism and substance abuse.

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“I’m on the spectrum and I’m in recovery. There’s a lot of things,” Sia told Survivor contestant Carolyn Wiger during the podcast. “Being in recovery and also knowing about which neuroatypicality you may have or may not have, I think one of the greatest things is nobody can ever know you and love you when you’re filled with secrets and living in shame.”

Adding, “For 45 years I was like, ‘I’ve got to go put my human suit on.’ Only in the last two years have I become fully, fully myself.”

She had previously disclosed that she had sought treatment for substance abuse.

“When we finally sit in a room full of strangers and tell them our deepest darkest most shameful secrets and everybody laughs along with us, and we don’t feel like pieces of trash for the first time, we feel seen for the first time in our lives for who we actually are and then we can start going out into the world as operators just operating as humans,” the singer continued.

Autism is characterized by some degree of difficulty with social interaction and communication. Other characteristics are atypical patterns of activities and behaviours, such as difficulty with transition from one activity to another, a focus on details and unusual reactions to sensations, according to the World Health Organisation.

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