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State to undertake registration of all private security guards

The government has commenced the process of registering private security guards in the country in an effort to enhance accountability and address deep-rooted human resource issues that have dogged the industry for years.

Through the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), the state is seeking to establish a centralized database of the entire workforce in the sector for harmonized enforcement of compliance with the country’s labour laws and professional ethics and standards. Principal Secretary for Internal Security Dr. Raymond Omollo has said the intention is to institute a clear regulatory and supervisory regime that will facilitate monitoring of the operations of private security companies and track the conduct of their personnel.

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“This is another statement on the accountability front,” Dr. Omollo said. “This essential step will not only foster a higher level of professionalism within the industry but also provide a structured framework for monitoring and regulating their activities while on duty.”

Speaking in Kisumu during the launch of the registration drive, the PS noted that the move was conceptualized in recognition of the private sector’s immense contribution to Kenya’s security preparedness, job creation as well as economic growth. Notably, the scope of the planned cross-cutting reforms will also be extended to implementation of an inclusive approach to discipline and fair resolution of complaints within the sector, which Dr. Omollo described as a critical cog in the country’s national security framework.

He said, “We recognize that private security guards can be cogent partners for maintenance of law and order. That is why we have come out strongly to prescribe this move to better track, evaluate, and elevate the quality of their services within our communities.”

The registration exercise comes a few weeks after the unveiling of a standardized training curriculum for the sector, with graduating guards set to be assigned unique service numbers for easy identification and recognition by members of the public. According to the PS, the guards will also be issued with licenses that will enable them to practise in the country and even open more opportunities for them across the borders.

He also appealed to local and international partners to plug into the comprehensive reform agenda, and called for more investment in establishment of modern training facilities with the capacity to meet the global security standards. The PS further challenged individuals and entities enlisting the services of private security guards to be sensitive to the needs of the officers and safeguard their welfare, particularly in terms of their remuneration and working conditions.

“Fair compensation will not only demonstrate our collective respect for their dedication but also foster a motivated and committed security personnel,” Dr. Omollo noted.

The PS, who was flanked by PSRA Director General Fazul Mohammed, also presided over the official opening of the Authority’s first ever regional offices. The facility will serve Nyanza region as the regulatory body seeks to decentralize its services and establish more presence at the grassroots level.




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