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The Executive: What’s the investment environment in Kenya compared to Indonesia?

As Kenya seeks to penetrate South East Asia, Wamoyi Masila speaks to an Indonesian investor, the CEO of a water purifying company Lis Heederik...

The Executive Board: Africa joining the G20

Today we focus on what is hindering Africa from becoming the world's economic powerhouse and the impact upon joining G20 nations. The guest is...

The Executive Board: Women performance in Boardrooms

Women are slowly gaining their space in the Boardrooms here in Kenya, an area still dominated by men. In the Boardrooms one needs to...

The Executive Board: Status of Kenya’s transport sector

The local public transport sector is described as a hospital with untrained doctors. The MD of Kenya Bus Services and Federation of public transport...

The Executive Board: Youth unemployment

A head of this year's youth day, the executive board looks at unemployment among the youth and how green skills are key in addressing...

The Executive Board: Debt management

Debt management is a problem to governments, institutions and individuals. How should we go about it? Wamoyi Masila speaks to KBC's Finance & Administration...