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Woman in Busia nursing injuries after assault

A 42-year-old woman from Matayos Constituency is nursing injuries after she was assaulted by her husband on Saturday.

Metrine Okumu said that her husband, Christopher Okumu beat her badly at a drinking den when she went to ask him for money to purchase food.

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Speaking to the press at Busia County Referral Hospital where she had gone for treatment on Saturday, Metrine said that her husband in collaboration with another woman hit her on the face, neck, chest and further went ahead and splashed her with the changaa alcoholic drink they were imbibing.

She added that her husband of six years has been bartering her whenever she asks him for money for food.

However, well-wishers led by Fredrick Munuku who assisted Metrine in seeking for treatment, condemned the incident.

“I saw this lady at Matayos and she told me that she had been beaten,” he said adding that he decided to take her to Busia police station where they reported the matter before proceeding to the hospital

Munuku stated that gender-based violence should not be condoned in society adding that women are the pillars of the society.

“I hope the government will take stern action against the perpetrator,” he said adding that all stakeholders should come together to support women.

He added that the woman will be in their custody at Harvest of Hope Africa centre and promised to support her.

“Most of the women do not have a voice, especially in Matayos area,” he said adding that women should rise and take their positions.

The incident comes hardly one day after the celebrations to mark International Women’s Day.

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