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Women – led climate change mitigation for Kenya in COP28


Grassroots women must be empowered with the tools, information, and opportunities required to lead the climate mitigation and conservation efforts in Africa because they suffer disproportionally from the adverse effects of climate change, yet they hold the highest unutilized potential for climate change mitigation.

The media has further been asked to amplify the voices of such grassroot initiatives and practical solutions that can be replicated across the continent.

The Office of the First Lady, through Mama Doing Good, in partnership with GROOTS Kenya, convened climate journalists, climate women leaders, and grassroot communities in Nairobi to discuss the pertinent involvement of women in climate action.

Dubbed “Towards a women-led climate action in COP-28,” the media briefing addressed issues around climate adaptation and resilience, plus the need to scale up adaptation finance that will benefit communities affected by the extreme effects of climate change here in Kenya.

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Dr John Chumo CEO Mama Doing Good

Dr. John Chumo, CEO of Mama Doing Good, said, “As we gather here in Nairobi for this pre-COP 28 media breakfast, it is imperative that we recognise the unique challenges faced by our continent and the critical role that women play in addressing the climate crisis. Africa is no stranger to the devastating impacts of climate change. However, despite the adversities we face, African women have emerged as powerful champions of climate action. They are at the forefront of sustainable development initiatives, advocating for renewable energy, promoting climate-smart agriculture, and driving innovation in adaptation and resilience strategies.”

Harriette Chiggai, Women’s Rights Advisor, Executive Office of the President of Kenya, said, ”Let us invest in women during early warning systems, provide solutions for alternative energy sources, and protect our future through climate financing solutions that consider the many women and girls on the continent who are holding forte in their own small but effective ways.”

Fridah Githuku, Executive Director of GROOTS Kenya, alluded to the fact that climate change worsens all existing inequalities for women and girls.

“This meeting today is a testament to our commitment to ensuring inclusivity and equity in shaping climate action, a commitment to climate justice, and a commitment to bringing everyone along.”