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Mandera County to propose Ksh 100M project for next fiscal year


The National Assembly’s Budget and Appropriation Committee, led by Ndindi Nyoro, Member of Parliament for Kiharu Constituency, recently conducted public engagement sessions in Mandera County to discuss the revenue and expenditure estimates for the financial year 2024/2025.

One significant outcome of these discussions is that Mandera County has been allowed to propose a project worth Ksh 100 million for implementation in the next financial year.

During these sessions, Nyoro highlighted the government’s allocation of Ksh 11.4 billion to Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) regions for development purposes.

Of this allocation, Ksh 700 million has been designated for the education sector, reflecting a prioritization of educational needs.

Additionally, Ksh 26 million was allocated to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to facilitate the employment of 20,000 teachers, and funds have been earmarked for cash transfers to support the elderly.

Residents of Mandera County voiced various concerns during the engagement sessions, focusing on critical infrastructure needs such as roads and water scarcity, as well as issues of insecurity.

Mohamed Hussein, a resident of Mandera East, raised the urgent issue of water scarcity, urging the committee to allocate funds for boreholes and earth pans.

“We are pastoralists, and water is essential for our livelihoods. The committee needs to prioritize addressing this issue as most residents are in dire need,” stated Mohamed Hussein.

Similarly, Yussuf Abdi from Mandera North highlighted the challenges posed by poor road networks, which affect access to government services in many sub-counties.

He called for the allocation of funds to improve road infrastructure.

“We lack safe and reliable roads, hindering our access to essential services. We urge the committee to allocate funds to address this pressing issue,” emphasized Yussuf Abdi.

Mohamed Abdikheir, Member of Parliament for Lafey Constituency, advocated for equity in resource allocation across all counties, rejecting the notion of ‘one man, one shilling, one vote.’

These public engagements are part of the committee’s efforts to ensure that the budget reflects the needs and priorities of residents in various regions, with Mandera County now having the chance to propose a significant development project for the next financial year.

Adan Mohamed
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