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Anti-government protests: Muthama accuses opposition of dishonesty

By KBC Reporter

Ex-Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has accused Azimio La Umoja One Kenya boss Raila Odinga of dishonesty in regards to high cost of living saying that the ODM chief is using it as a scapegoat to achieve selfish political interests.

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According to Mr Muthama who is also a Commissioner of the Parliamentary Service Commission, even if prices of commodities come down, the former premier will shift to raising issues like legitimacy of President William Ruto.

“Mr Odinga’s political path is always characterized by changing goal posts of which even if prices of commodities come down today, he will start delegitimizing the Kenya Kwanza administration. Let him not use high cost of living as a scapegoat for his political interests while destroying people’s property,” said Mr Muthama.

He added: “It is only fair for Raila-led group to give the Head of State time to deliver to Kenyans instead of arm-twisting and intimidating to him to arrest the high cost of living which is as a result of their mess.”

In a statement to the newsrooms on Tuesday, Mr Muthama who is a former chairperson of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) said that if the country continues to entertain political dialogue with the sole purpose of a poll loser getting a share of government, it would create a bad precedence for the future elections.

“As a nation if we encourage this kind of trait, it will be chronic watering down the importance of elections in this country whereby in future, if you want to be accommodated in a government, you go to the streets and cause mayhem hence forcing yourself into the government,” he said while lamenting that the current political situation in the country is as a result of the Azimio failing to obey Supreme Court ruling which upheld Dr Ruto’s victory.

Mr Muthama also urged Mr Odinga to call off the nationwide protests which have led to massive destruction of property and reach out to the Head of State and discuss on how best to deliver to Kenyans in their various capacities.

“I urge Raila to withdraw the maandamano and destruction of people’s property and allow President Ruto to work, thereafter, he can look for the Head of State in a friendly and brotherly way and agree that they went into an election and now it is over, let’s treat each other nicely as we serve the people of Kenya in different capacities,” he said.

Mr Muthama’s call came just hours after Ambassadors from 13 Western countries called on the government and the opposition to find an amicable solution to the grievances fueling protests in the country to avert further loss of life and destruction of property.

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