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Azimio calls off demos, to hold solidarity parades


Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition has called off Wednesday demonstrations.

Azimio has asked Kenyans to hold vigil for the citizens who lost their lives during the past protests.

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In a statement Azimio noted that so far there are at least 50 deaths and hundreds admitted in hospitals with grave injuries.

“Azimio has made the decision that on Wednesday, 26th July 2023, we will hold a different kind of protest. The peaceful protests will take the form of solidarity parades and vigil for victims of police brutality in various locations in all parts of the country.” The statement read.

Adding that: “We are calling on Kenyans to come out, light candles and lay flowers, preferably white, in remembrance of and respect for the victims.”

The coalition claimed that many hospitals have been instructed not to disclose the number of casualties or deaths or even admit victims of police brutality noting that many individuals are therefore nursing their injuries at home while others have had their death go unrecorded.

Many families are struggling with bills as a result of the brutal police assault on members.” The coalition claimed.

Additionally, Azimio says that on Wednesday, they will also roll out the process of reaching out to the families of the victims with a view to offering any assistance that can lessen their burden.

During the vigils, candle lighting and laying of flowers, we encourage Kenyans to say prayers and read out the names of victims.” Said Azimio.

The coalition has pledged to provide the list of the victims in time for the exercise.

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