Bien-Aimé Alusa, better known by his stage name Bien, is taking to the COLORS’ stage, performing a single from his debut solo album Alusa Why Are You Topless

Against a green monochromatic background, Bien performs “True Love”, bearing down on vocals, as he waxes lyrical about finding true love. 

Channel 1

Bien’s A COLORS SHOW performance is the fourth one and is more uptempo, but sticks to the theme of love present throughout the other three performances by Lisa, Xenia and Karun, all under Spotify’s flagship Afro R&B arm, Tantalizers. 

All the singles released so far are partial to R&B, which is the foundation of this partnership between Spotify and COLORSxSTUDIOS. 

Bien shared his observation on Kenyan R&B – “the (R&B) scene in Kenya is ever growing, evergreen and ever beautiful and I can’t wait to see what it holds.” 

Two more Kenyan artists will perform never-before-released singles, and fans should keep an eye out on Spotify Africa social pages for more information on the final two artists.

Listen to his performance.

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