Cherargei wants action taken against ruling party MPs opposed to Finance Bill 2023


    The ongoing debate over the contentious Finance Bill 2023 continues to receive mixed public responses.

    Amid the divided opinion, Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei says members of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance do not have an option but rally behind the Bill unreservedly.

    The outspoken legislator wants MPs allied to the ruling party to pass the Bill once it is introduced in Parliament for debate.

    Those who fail to toe the line, according to Cherargei, must be slapped with stringent disciplinary action. He reiterates that going against the ruling party and the head of state is unacceptable.

    “Any Kenya Kwanza MP who shall vote against the Finance bill 2023 should face the full force of party disciplinary mechanisms,” he charged

    “You cannot play opposition politics in government Party Position is supreme in any discipline democracy,” He warned

    The senator’s sentiments came just after President William Ruto reiterated that the proposed Finance Bill is good for the country. The president described those opposed to the Bill as simply playing politics.

    “We need to pass this bill so Kenya can develop. There are some suggestions that MPs should disclose how they voted when the bill is tabled in parliament, but personally, I am waiting to see any MP who will shut down that bill,” said the president.