Vincent Mwasia Mutua popularly known as Chipukeezy will host his first set of guests on Monday evening on his newly relaunched show, The Chipukeezy Show, now hosted by the national broadcaster KBC.

His guests on Spetember 11 include one of Kenya’s most successful rap ensembles Ethic Entertainment, model and content creator Sadia Said and Vlogger Wilson Muirani Gathoni known by his alias Jaymo Ule Msee.

Channel 1

The aim of the newly relaunched show is to encourage and empower the youth as the country grapples with burgeoning unemployment.


Ethic Entertainment
The group is comprised of three talented youths from Eastlands namely Swat, Seska, and Zilla; the group had a fourth member and their frontman Rekles who left the group a few years back. After his departure, the trio took some time away from music before announcing their comeback late last week. The group rose to fame with their 2018 controversial song “Lamba Lolo.”

Sadia Said
Kenyan model and content creator Sadia is a role model to many Muslim girls. Last year, the model said, “I would love to create awareness for my fellow Muslim sisters to come out and exploit their talents of becoming models. I would love to show them that despite our Islamic background you can still model and maintain your dignity and modesty.”

In addition to being a model and creator, she is also the founder of Kloset World an online fashion shop.

Ahead of her sit down with Chipukeezy, she praised him and the relaunch of his show: “Super proud of my friend @chipukeezy for the relaunch of The Chipukeezy show.”


Jaymo Ule Msee
With over 300,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Jaymo is one Kenya’s foremost vloggers and creators. He began his online career in college before transitioning to media. His YouTube channel currently airs a web series in which he discusses social issues affecting Kenya.
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