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Court finds Jowie Irungu guilty of Monica Kimani’s murder


The High Court has found Joseph Irungu guilty of murdering business woman Monica Kimani.

In a judgement delivered on Friday, Justice Grace Nzioka said the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

“It is the finding of this court the first accused person murdered Monica Kimani. I find the first accused person guilty as charged”  Justice Nzioka stated.

While giving a step-by-step account of events on day Monica was killed, Justice Nzioka raised six issues of determination to support the case.

The court established that indeed Jowie used a stolen ID belonging to one Dominic Bisera Haron two days before the murder of Monica Kimani, which he used to access the deceased’s house.

The court also found that the Jowie used a gun borrowed from a closed friend (Brian Kasaine) to subdue the deceased person, in addition to lying that he did not know Monica Kimani.

According to Justice Nzioka, the evidence produced by a prosecution witness showed that the two were in the same class at Kenya Polytechnic and that Jowie visited her house and they communicated on Instagram.

“The first accused person (Jowie) was known to the deceased prior to her death,” Justice Nzioka stated.

On whether the clothes Jowie was wearing implicated him in the commission of the offence, the court cited witness statements from Maribe’s househelp.

“Pamela, the first accused house help, stated that when Jowie left the house on 19th September 2018, he was wearing a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cape and brown shorts,” Nzioka stated.

“A gentleman named Jennings stated he met with the first accused on 19th September and was wearing a t-shirt, brown shorts and a maroon cape. There is collaborative evidence as to the clothes which the first accused was wearing on the material date,” she added.

Jowie will remain in custody until March 8,2024 when he will appear in court for sentencing.

Monica Kimani was killed five years ago in her Lamuria garden apartment in Kilimani area on September 19, 2018.