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Don’t You Trust Me? Bola’s Hidden Burden Among the captivating novels in Kenya


According to a recent study by data firm Stadi Analytics and the Writers Guild Kenya (WGK), at least 85 percent of Nairobi residents read on a regular basis, with more than half reading daily.

According to research, women prefer to read fiction, while men choose nonfiction, which includes books, journals, and newspapers.

In general, books are read by 86 percent of the Nairobi population, whereas newspapers are devoured by 36 percent.

Don’t You Trust Me, Bolas Hidden Burden, a novel by Dr. Evalyn Oloo, is now hot in the Kenyan market.

She summarizes and characterizes her work as an engaging story for teenagers and parents that explore the intricacies of adolescent life as well as the difficulties of navigating the digital world.

Bola, a disgruntled 13-year-old boy, navigates the rigors of elementary school and his complicated family relationships in this gripping narrative. He finds consolation in connecting with pals on social media via his mother’s phone.

Bola’s suspicion of adults derives from unfulfilled promises in the past, and his home is full of heated debates and confrontations. Zola, his vivacious younger sister, adds to the mix, unafraid to face people.

Bola’s contacts and experiences affect his understanding of himself and the digital world as the story progresses.
On social media, he meets an unknown girl named Charm4, and their friendship develops into a daily responsibility that he must conceal from his mother.

The pressure on his academic performance and well-being becomes obvious, resulting in unanticipated repercussions.

In the midst of personal hardships, Bola’s choices cause tensions that test his moral compass. The plot dives into the complexity of friendship and loyalty, as well as the value of honesty and accountability.

Bola’s trip shows the digital realm’s perils and pitfalls, emphasizing the importance of cyber security and responsible technology use.

Bola’s contacts with friends and encounters with online connections expose him to the grim truths of the internet world throughout the novel.

Bola finds himself ostracized and indulging in disruptive conduct at school as the repercussions of his decisions play out, sliding deeper into despair.

The literary tale delves into the intricacies of adolescent life, the difficulties of navigating the digital world, and the significance of recognizing the consequences of online interactions.

It is intended to engage and educate youngsters about cyber security and good digital citizenship.

The book is suitable for children between 13 and 18 years as well as parents and is currently among  the best selling fictional writing among the Kenyan Population and you can as well captivate your reading appetite by grabbing your copy online at  NuriaKenya.com as well as other leading books outlet.