Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo shared her surprise on Tuesday when she received an invitation from Queen Bey aka Beyonce.

Sharing the audio online, Majimbo expressed her shock x-ing, “Beyoncé surprised me. Beyoncé surprised me. I got a surprise from Beyonce. Imma cry,” (sic).

Beyonce has been on tour for the better part of the year having just concluded her Los Angeles stop, attended by many a celebrity, over the weekend.

From the clip shared online, the audio invitation says, “Hello Elsa, it’s Beyonce. Welcome along my year journey, I’ve experienced it all and I look forward to sharing it with you. I wish I could be there tonight but I’m a little bit tied up in one of my favourite sacred spaces, where you will join me later. Are y’all ready to run up the night?”

All signs point to it being an invitation to Beyonce’s 42nd birthday celebration. The Queen Bey was born on September 4.