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Five convicted over Ksh 4.48M bhang haul in Loitoktok

Five men were found guilty by a Loitoktok law court for being in possession of narcotic drugs worth over Ksh 4 million.

Harrison Kamau, George Kipsoi, Robert Lemayian, James Kariuki, and Richard Wamai were convicted by Principal Magistrate Judicaster Nthuku after they were arraigned before the court on charges that on May 3, 2023, they were found with 153 Kg of bhang worth Ksh 4.48 million.

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Harrison Kamau was facing another count of drug trafficking, but the offense was dismissed and thrown out of court after the prosecution reportedly failed to specify the conduct that constituted drug trafficking.

During the trial, Philip Ngumbo, the police officer attached to Loitoktok police station had told the court how on the material day at around 9.30 am while on the mult-agency crackdown on alcohol in Loitoktok town they came across a residential plot and heard noises coming from there.

When they entered, they found five men in the room with sacks full of bhang, some in raw form while other was in rolls.

They arrested and escorted them to the police station where they were charged with the offence before being arraigned in court which they denied.

The suspects had denied the allegations citing that they were arrested at different places however the court found their defense as an afterthought since they never raised the issue during cross-examination.

The court ordered the accused to remain in custody pending sentencing on January 8, 2024.


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