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Fossil fuels phase out threatens to derail talks

President COP28 Sultan Al Jaber

A major deadlock threatens to scuttle the Conference of the Parties talks, hours before the meeting comes to a close in Dubai.

The final declaration is facing delays due to a stalemate on whether to phase out or slow down in phases the use of fossil fuels.

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While major oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia, host UAE and the United States are favoring a phased out approach, non oil producing countries want a text on fossil fuels phase out included in the final text.

Speaking at the Conference of Parties (COP28), the President of COP28 Sultan Al Jaber is pleading with parties to soften their stances and reach a compromise.

President of COP28 is pleading with countries to soften their stances and reach a compromise.

”And I will give everything to deliver what the world really needs. I need your help, step up, I need you to unite and work together.” Said Sultan Al Jaber.

Speaking at the same forum, the United Nations Secretary General Guterres said time has come to see compromise for solutions, without compromising on the science or the needs for the highest ambition.

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“We must conclude the conference with an ambitious outcome that demonstrates decisive action and a credible plan to keep 1.5-degree goal alive, protecting those on the frontlines of the climate crisis.” Said Guterres.

African countries also voiced their concerns that some of the major issues they were fronting have not been addressed.

One of the issues being the Climate Adaptations Fund, the representatives are saying Africa requires more than 400B dollars annually to deal with climate adaptation, and not even 20pc is flowing to the continent.

“All indication show we are heading to failure. As Africans, we came here from the Africa Climate Summit with our outcomes and our expectations for COP28.“ Said Executive Director Pan African Climate Justice Mithika Mwenda.



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