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CS Linturi: Government to announce maize prices next week

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi. Photo:Courtesy

Farmers in maize growing zones across the country have been urged not to sell their maize produce at a throwaway price.

Agriculture cabinet secretary Mithika Linturi has assured farmers that the government will announce the minimum buying price next week.

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“I will be announcing the new price of maize because it’s necessary that farmers are not taken advantage of by brokers and consulting with other stakeholders to be able to fix the price,” said Linturi.

The CS said the government is keen to ensure farmers reap from their hard work as they expect bumper harvest this year.

Speaking in Kitale during Kenya Seed Company field day, Linturi said he is consulting with other stakeholders before announcing the buying price.

The CS accompanied Kenya Seed managing director Sammy Chepsiror, Agricultural development corporation ADC Mohammed Bule,Kenya Seed board of directors Chairman Purity Ngirici among other stakeholders said the government has put measures to stop exploitation of maize farmers by middlemen and unscrupulous traders.

Kenya seed chairperson Purity Ngirici said the Company will continue to invest more on research to provide quality seed.

Noting that the Country expects bumper harvest this year,the minister said National Cereals and produce board depots are ready to receive maize from farmers.

Linturi also said the government will buy one million bags of maize from farmers for the national strategic good reserve.

He said the ministry is consulting with the Treasury to avail funds for the purchase of maize from farmers.

The CS said the government is working out to provide mobile driers to farmers to ensure maize produce is safe for consumption.

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