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Importers required to register consignments at source country

ACA is holding counterfeit goods worth Ksh1.5 billion that it plans to destroy

Anti-Counterfeit Authority Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robi Mbugua

Importers are required to register their consignments in the source country on the newly integrated Anti-Counterfeit Authority platform.

On Wednesday, Kenya commemorated the World Anti-Counterfeit Day by hosting the second edition of the International Symposium on Intellectual Property, Protection and Enforcement (ISIPPE-2).

In her opening address, Cabinet Secretary Trade and Investment Rebecca Miano,  emphasized the importance of robust IP frameworks in safeguarding consumers from counterfeit products and promoting a healthy, competitive market.

“Consumer safety is paramount, and strong intellectual property enforcement is essential to protect the public from the dangers of counterfeit goods. This forum underscores our commitment to fostering innovation while ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers globally,” said Ms. Miano.

The Principal Secretary, State Department of Industry, Dr. Juma Mukhwana, highlighted the Government’s collaboration with WIPO and leading government agencies in formulating a comprehensive national IP policy and strategy to support innovation and competitiveness.

“We have a draft National Intellectual Property Policy and Strategy (NIPPS) which lays the groundwork for Kenya’s national IP policy and strategy for the period 2023-2027,” said Dr. Mukhwana.

Josephat Kabeabea, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Anti-Counterfeit Authority, reiterated the Authority’s commitment to supporting the government’s vision of industrial development and economic growth.

“Our mission is to create an environment where innovation thrives, driving sustainable growth and ensuring that our SMEs and innovative enterprises can thrive in a secure and supportive environment,” said Kabeabea.

Anti-Counterfeit Authority Chief Executive Officer Dr. Robi Mbugua says the platform seeks to step up counterfeit surveillance on imports online and enhance product traceability of goods shipped into the Kenyan market.

“ISIPPE-2 is a crucial platform for uniting efforts against the global menace of counterfeiting. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can create effective solutions to protect intellectual property, which is vital for innovation, economic growth and public health,” he said.

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority says Kenya loses Ksh 800 billion annually to illicit trade with counterfeit products accounting for 9 percent of the total illicit trade.

The Authority has trained its eyes on the prevention of entry of counterfeit products from their source markets. Under a new integrated system, importers are required to declare their products in the country of origin.

The integrated system will also have components to track goods from the source to the market in efforts to trace illicit goods in the country. The new platform will also see intellectual property cases filed online.

The Authority says it is holding counterfeit goods worth Ksh 1.5 billion that it plans to destroy.

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