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Intermediaries commended for their dedication in providing quality healthcare

The recipients of Jubilee Health Insurance awards were commended for their remarkable performances, collaborative spirit, and unyielding commitment to extending comprehensive health insurance nationwide.

Intermediaries of the insurer in addition received awards worth Ksh 1.3M from the Jijenge na Jubilee Campaign where a grant of over Ksh 800,000 was awarded to its dedicated partners.

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This was done in a bid to reaffirm its dedication in acknowledging excellence from them in transforming the lives of Kenyans through accessible health insurance.

CEO of Jubilee Health Insurance, Njeri Jomo emphasized on the key role intermediaries play in the company’s mission

“Our intermediaries are the driving force behind our vision to make healthcare accessible to every individual in Kenya. The Q2 Awards are a heartfelt tribute to their unwavering dedication in bringing quality healthcare closer to communities,” he said.

Ephantus Kimani, a recipient of the award lauded Jubilee Insurance for the program they came up with in appreciating intermediaries.

“Being recognized by a reputable insurer like Jubilee Health Insurance for my efforts in empowering lives through health insurance is truly an honor. As an intermediary, these awards motivate us to continue working tirelessly to impact the lives of our clients positively. I commend them for this remarkable program,” said Kimani.

Jijenge na Jubilee continuously inspires intermediaries to strive for excellence in making healthcare accessible through affordable insurance products.

“The Q2 Jijenge na Jubilee Awards is a testament to the extraordinary work of our intermediaries. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in achieving our vision of making healthcare accessible to all Kenyans. Together, we will continue to empower lives and create a healthier future for our nation,” affirmed Jomo.

The grand prize included a brand new apartment that will be awarded to the top achiever at the end of the year.

The impactful stories of the award winners propels Jubilee Health Insurance towards realizing its vision of transforming healthcare and making a positive difference in the communities it serves.

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