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Israel-Hamas war: Kenya supports proposal for immediate ceasefire

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has amplified Kenya’s support for a mediated proposal announced to end the Israel-Hamas war.

Mudavadi said Kenya has noted the joint statement released by Egypt, the State of Qatar and the United States on the fighting between the State of Israel and Hamas.

The statement, he said, broadly echoes the principles outlined on 31st May 2024 by the United States President Joe Biden and was in line with efforts by key stakeholders who are involved in a protracted mediation process for a ceasefire.

“Kenya views the proposals contained in this statement as representing a critical way out of this complicated and intransigent conflict,” he said.

The proposal is based on the following roadmap:

  • That in the first phase of the proposal there would be a 6-week ceasefire; withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza; release of a number of hostages and remains of Israel nationals in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners; the return of Palestinians to North Gaza; the entry of 600 trucks per day of aid; and the start of restoration of essential services.
  • That in the second phase there would be a permanent cessation of hostilities together with the return of all hostages and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. The parties would continue to engage in negotiations to finalize the arrangements for this second phase.
  • That the third phase would see the return of any remains of Israel nationals still in Gaza and the start of an internationally-backed multi-year reconstruction program.

Implementation of the proposal will also help Israel families to re-unite with their kin who are currently held by Hamas as hostages and prisoners of war.

Mudavadi said Kenya believes this proposal should only be the initial step in creating the conditions for self-determination for the Palestinian people and advancing a long-term two-state solution.

In the short term, implementation of this proposal will bring immediate relief to the Palestinians who are currently facing a humanitarian catastrophe, hunger and widespread death.

“Kenya re-affirms and reiterates its position that the only and most realistic solution to this conflict is for both sides to acknowledge each other and embrace a two-state solution,” he said.

Mudavadi urged the two sides to accept the proposal in the interests of not only providing immediate relief but also creating the necessary conditions for long-term peace.

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