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Kenya acquires Cobalt 60 machine for cancer treatment

Kenya through the Kenya National Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has acquired the Cobalt 60(CO-60) radiotherapy calibration system to combat the upsurge of cancer cases.

Speaking during the unveiling, Cabinet Secretary for Investment Trade and Industry, Rebecca Miano said the cancer equipment calibration machine marks a monumental shift in our national healthcare system.

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“As the first-of-its kind system in East African and the 4th across the continent, it affirms Kenya’s unwavering dedication to elevating healthcare standards and spearheading the battle against cancer.”

The CS further underscored her ministry’s commitment to a steadfast collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to ensure that the project remains sustainable and viable.

The Cobalt 60(CO-60) is a cutting-edge technology that will advance healthcare excellence and leading the fight against cancer through its precise treatment and minimized side effects. It will also position Kenya as a premier healthcare tourism destination in Eastern Africa.

“Congratulations KEBS for becoming the first member of the jumuiya to acquire the Cobalt 60. With the new machine, KEBS is poised to elevate cancer dosimetry, aligning with the country’s strategic plan for enhanced healthcare delivery,” said Shaukat Abdulrazak, Managing Director International Atomic Energy Agency through a zoom call.

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