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Ondieki, Rev. Lebarleyia sworn into the National Heroes Council

Hon. Angwenyi Jimmy Nuru Ondieki and Rev. David Lebarleyia have Thursday been sworn in as Chairperson and Member, respectively, of the National Heroes Council.

In her congratulatory message, Chief Justice Martha Koome reminded the duo that the positions they hold are more than just a title or rank.

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“It is a promise to our nation, a promise to uphold the ideals of our heroes, a promise to remember their sacrifices, and above all, a promise to ensure that their stories continue to shape the trajectory of our nation,” she said.

In addition, the CJ urged the council to ensure that the stories of our heroes continue to inspire us, motivate us and drive us towards a future that’s vibrant and promising as the heroes themselves.

“The National Heroes Council must therefore work towards coming up with ways and avenues through which we us a nation can pay homage to their courage, their sacrifices, and the indomitable spirit that has shaped the identity of our beloved nation, Kenya.”

The National Heroes Council is a critical State Institution in the sense that it identifies, selects, recognizes and honours our National Heroes, monuments and sites. It is gratifying to our national heroes when the State takes care of their welfare.

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