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Kenya committed to ramping up health manufacturing

The Government will roll out measures to increase local manufacturing capacity for health products and technologies.

President William Ruto said health manufacturing is a big opportunity to advance the goals of Universal Health Coverage and create jobs as well.

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“Kenya is the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50% of the region’s market, a position we must leverage and expand.”

He said Kenya must take advantage of Africa’s growing pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

“While developed country markets are stagnating, the African market is expected to grow to between USD 56 billion to USD 70 billion (Ksh 5-7 trillion) by 2030 and we must strategically position our local pharmaceutical industry to exploit this growth.”

The President said the Government will institute the necessary regulatory measures as well as provide land for manufacturing plants.

“We will increase tariffs for imported health products and technologies as outlined in the East African Community Common External Tariff 2017. We will also set aside land (100 to 200 acres) for pharmaceutical villages to attract local and foreign investors to build manufacturing plants. ”

Kenya will also commit more funds to medical research, he added.

“We will strengthen research, development, and innovation by increasing financing for clinical trials through the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

“We want at least 50% of medicines listed in the Kenya Essential Medicines List (KEML) sourced locally by the year 2026.”

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