The Oscars selection committee is requesting Kenyan filmmakers to submit their locally produced films for the 96th Oscars ceremony set to take place in 2024.

Every year, the Oscars receives film submissions from around the world for the award for Best International Feature Film. The films are submitted by a team of experts recognised by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to set up an OSCARS Selection Committee from Industry Associations & Guilds who make the submissions on behalf of their country.

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In addition to the International Feature Film, the Kenyan Oscars selection committee will also submit films in the category of Best Documentary and Best Animation Feature.

Kenya has previously submitted several films for the Oscars – Subira (2018), Mission To Rescue (2021), Letter (2020) and TerraStorm (2022), but none have won so far.

Submissions will remain open until September 13.

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