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Kenya is not in an international crisis, Mudavadi tells Azimio


Kenya is not in political crisis and does not require any international mediator, Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi has affirmed.

Mudavadi said that President William Ruto was democratically elected and was sworn into office in accordance with the Constitution, adding that the country does not have a leadership vacuum.

He wished away any thoughts of having an international mediator to sit down Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

“Kenya is not in an international crisis. People should not pretend to be calling former Presidents to come and mediate on issues that can be resolved locally,” he stated.

“There is no crisis that calls for any intervention internationally, Kenya has not reached that phase that requires any foreign mediation,” he added.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary insisted that Ruto is firmly at the helm of the leadership of the country and the legal and constitutional power lies within him.

“The transition to power between President Ruto and his predecessor was in accordance with the constitution of the land. In a glaring daylight, he was handed over the sword as the Commander-in-Chief,” said Mudavadi.

He regretted that the opposition is yet to accept the reality an year after elections were held.

“We witnessed in South Africa when President Ramaphosa had a difficult time to govern, but Kenya was not consulted to mediate. Our neighbours in Uganda have had a range of issues but nobody called on the President of Kenya to go and mediate. This call for international mediation is hogwash,” Mudavadi uttered.

He was speaking during an interdenominational thanksgiving and prayer service held at Ukunda grounds in Kwale, where he accompanied the President on his fourth day of the Coastal regional tour.

Mudavadi also defended the Kenya Kwanza Government, which will be marking its first anniversary in power in few days, saying their eye is on the ball it will not entertain side shows.

“Under the leadership of President Ruto, we are ready to engage our brothers on matters economic resuscitation. Trying to internationalise their loses is not part of our agenda if any talks are to happen,” he said.

“The President has a plan… and the plan is anchored on the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda. We are steadily implementing what we promised Kenyans and the trajectory is bearing positive feedback,” he added.

The Government has been firm on subsidizing production other than consumption stating that in few months, Kenyans will feel a relief, after a long suffering instigated during the previous regime.

The prices for fertilizer for instance, was reduced from Sh7,000 to Sh3,500, with the Government saying that the price will drop further to about Sh2,500.

“We have to prosecute our agenda as one people. Changing the fortunes of this country requires a collective approach. We are fixing the loopholes and we will not entertain anyone who wants to derail the course,” he stated.

Mudavadi said Ruto has become the African ambassador championing for the rightful share of the continent globally, stating that he has been on the forefront in advocating for key solutions to the current global crisis of climate change.

“In September Kenya host a major global conference on climate change. This shows the milestones that Kenya has achieved and its recognition in the recent months globally. The President is the man behind these strides,” said Mudavadi.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary earlier alluded to the potential that the Coastal region carries in contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the country.

He said more focus on travel, tourism and hospitality will help unlock the bottlenecks facing the sector, which contributes immensely to the growth of Kenya’s economy.

He further stated that it is time Kenyans break lose the chains of poverty and dependance on foreign aid by working towards a moment of change for the prosperity of the nation.