Following Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu’s sentencing, comedian Eunice Mammito released a video making fun of Jacque Maribe’s former beau cum gospel musician.

Using Dolly Parton’s hit single “Jolene”, Mammito replaced “Jolene” with Jowie asking him not to feel sad about his sentencing as it could prove advantageous to him in the long run.

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Among the advantages she points out include finding a prison lover, an opportunity to scam Kenyans and saying prison would be a great place to stage a talent show.

While Mammito may have intended it to be taken as joke, many Kenyans online did not agree with her.

Politician Alinur Mohamed called the joke “insensitive” asking the comedian to issue an apology to the two families.

“Monica Kimani’s family is in deep pain, Jowie Irungu’s family is in deep pain. 

“It is insensitive for Eunice Mammito to make senseless content out of this situation. 

“Even Monica’s family will not laugh at this. Mamito should issue an apology to the two families now.”

Sharing his own thoughts on the matter journalist Ferdinand Omondi asked whether the disapproval was worth the “engagement.”

“Content creators need a course on emotional and social intelligence. Mammito’s mockery of the Jowie death sentence is insensitive, distasteful and unnecessary.

“It doesn’t honour Monica Kimani’s memory either. The video stays defiantly up hours after widespread disapproval including from her own fans.

“Not every content is worth the ‘engagement’”.

The comedian, who flourished last year performing at two sold-out comedy shows dubbed “Mammito & Girlfriends”, has yet to respond to the backlash.

Jowie was sentenced to death at the Milimani court on Wednesday.

 In her pronouncement, Justice Grace Nzioka said: “Having considered the evidence in this matter it is the finding of this court that the prosecution has adduced adequate evidence and has met the threshold… It is the finding of this court that the first accused person murdered the deceased.”

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