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Kenya’s Foreign Policy has bolstered our global standing, Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, H.E. Dr. Musalia Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has highlighted Kenya’s foreign policy imperatives, creating a symphony of diplomacy, resilience, and global vision.

In a resounding address at Chatham House in London on December 7th, 2023, the Prime CS called for a concerted effort to promote peace, economic connectivity, and sustainable development in Africa and across the globe.

Elaborating on the Kenya-UK partnership, PCS and CS for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs thanked His Majesty King Charles III for his recent visit to Kenya saying it played a crucial role in cementing the long-standing relations between Nairobi and London.

Dr. Mudavadi also lauded the appointment of former Prime Minister, Lord David William Donald Cameron as UK’s new Foreign Secretary saying his vast diplomatic experience will have a profound impact on Kenya- UK partnership.

“Diplomacy is an art, and UK leaders have painted a canvas of relations where the strokes favor Kenya, reflected in our rare trade balance,” He noted

President William Ruto’s call for a visa-free Africa emerged as a crescendo of continental unity.

“In rejecting past limitations, we aspire to compose a symphony where Africans trade, communicate, and explore freely a harmonious movement towards interconnectedness.” He said.

Dr. Mudavadi’s discourse seamlessly transitioned to Kenya’s role in peace and security, with a poignant note: “In the spectrum of global stability, Kenya plays a vital instrument. Our commitment extends beyond borders, orchestrating peacekeeping efforts in conflict-stricken regions.”

PCS apprised participants in the Chatham House session on the ongoing Cop-28 Summit in Dubai saying President William Ruto positioned Kenya as the global advocate on Climate Change.

“In this symphony of global environmental concern, Kenya’s proactive stance plays a crucial tune. I call for harmonious policies to combat Climate Change,” Mudavadi added.

The Kenyan Diaspora emerged as a crucial movement in the matrix, with PCS lauding their continued investments back home.

“The Diaspora, a chorus of cultural ambassadors, extends our melody beyond geographical boundaries. Their financial notes support families, education, and local businesses, a harmonious contribution to national development,” he noted

As Kenya approached its 60th year of independence, Prime CS words resonated as a concluding movement.

“Our commitment to democratic principles, economic transformation, and a holistic foreign policy is the grand finale; a symphony that envisions a future marked by limitless growth and shared prosperity.”

Dr. Mudavadi is in the United Kingdom for an official visit, during which he has actively engaged with senior government officials to discuss matters of mutual interest and shared vision.

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