Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has issued an apology to his fellow Tanzanian counterparts after sparking a heated debate last week about the state of Tazanian hip-hop.

Speaking to Wasafi TV the rapper defended his claims by saying that his statements were taken out of context and that he only meant to defend Kenya.

Channel 1

“…there was a conversation that was ongoing and my statement was blown out of context. For the, longest time now we cannot dispute the fact that Tanzania music has been superior and even when you come to Kenya, you will find that the top songs on YouTube are from Tanzania,” the rapper said. “And it’s not a bad thing but sometimes when you are doing interviews one wants to show you that you are not doing okay on the market. So in that context, I have to defend my people.”

He went on to clarify that given how the video was cut, with context left out, would paint what he said in a bad light. He went on to apologize for the offence.

 “…it(video) was not supposed to be like that because not everyone will understand. So for that one I apologize, that was not okay,” he said.

The rapper sparked debate last week when he taunted Tanzanian rappers into a rap battle claiming to be better than them.

During this interview, he, however, did not back down from last week’s challenge, saying he was still ready to battle.

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