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Demolition of unapproved buildings in Mtwapa begins

The Kilifi County government has commenced demolition of unapproved constructions especially on contested settlement schemes within the county.

At the same time Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro has warned the office of the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) at the Mtwapa police station to stop meddling in land matters saying that many residents were being harassed by land grabbers and tycoons through the DCI office.

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This is after some residents of Mwendo wa Panya area in Mtwapa were issued summoning letters to appear before the Mtwapa Police Station DCI office for interrogation over land.

Mung’aro said that all developments without approvals will be brought down and that he will bring to an end forceful eviction of residents in the County.

“All buildings built without a county approval letter will be brought down and DCI should not involve themselves on land matters since that is our mandate. I am sending a warning to the DCI that they either stop or we shall deal with them,” he said.

He added that Kilifi South Sub County was notorious with land grabbers who had questionable land ownership documents and were using the courts and the DCI office to frustrate the county government’s efforts to settle squatters.

“The issue of harassing our people will no longer be accepted because we have our by-laws that guide on matters land. They should know that they have just been posted here and tomorrow they will not be there,” he added.

Some of the constructions are hurriedly put on public utility land such as high voltage power lines, roads and public beaches hence posing a threat to residents.

The land grabbing incidents are so rampant in Mtwapa area and areas bordering the ocean where unscrupulous ministry of lands officials allocated themselves prime land to the disadvantage of locals.

Residents said that the constant harassment had rendered them absolutely poor since they feared investing on their land and the investments get destroyed following eviction orders.


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