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KPC got off to a flying start at the inaugural CAVB Zone 5, thrashing KCCA 3-0

The KPC Team pose for a photo today just before their maiden match today. They were joined by the 2 Control Committee Members Godien and CBD Nyaberi

Kenya Pipeline Women Volleyball Club (KPC) got off to a flying start on Day 2 of the inaugural CAVB Africa Zone 5 Club Championships, which kicked off at the Bank of Kigalu Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, on Tuesday, beating Kampala City Council Authority (KCA) by three straight sets of 25-19, 25-15, and 25-21.

Following their 10-5 victory over the Ugandan Club, KPC let up, allowing KCCA to close the distance and even surpass them 14–15.

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KPC battled back heroically to level 16-16 and win the set easily 25-19 because to accurate sets from Captain Magoi and powerful on-target hits from Pamela Odhiambo, the opposing player.

Tushemer, a Toweing left attacker, was a standout for KCCA.

Silver medallists from Africa Pipeline overcame a rough beginning to lead 7–7 before pulling away to lead 10–8, 17–11, and 22–12 before prevailing.

Towering centre Yvonne Sinaida and Kasaya were introduced by seasoned coach Mburu Gitau, who helped the oilers win the second set easily, 25’25.

After adopting a different strategy, KPC was able to turn a 6-6, 7-7 tie into a 9-7, 10/7, and 11-8 easy sail by using more Kasaya/Atuka Centre and assaults.

Effectively executed e-balls from Joan Tushenereiwe of KCCA, who gave a brief but bright reprieve before retreating on 11-11, 17-13, 21-17, and 23-18.

Atuka’s B-Quick game killer, which ended the straight sets game triumph at 25-21, was too much for the resolute Kampala girls to overcome, not even the timeout at this moment.

KPC’s small second libero Pamela Nyongesa was the audience favourite because of her outstanding back-court cover.

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